Tension Meter MST
  • 3 Tension ranges available:
    from 1 - 500 cN
    up to 1 - 2000 cN
  • Application:
    for sewing machines
  • Field of use:
    for yarns up to 2000 tex
  • Feature:
    with motorized take-up fixture
3 Tension ranges available from 1 - 500 cN up to 1 - 2000 cN

For fibers up to 2000 tex 

Electronic yarn tension meter with motorized take-up fixture for measuring and adjusting the tension of sewing machines to get best and highest quality stitched seams. Therefore e. g. yarn breaks can be adjusted under constant conditions (speed of the thread).

Tension meter to control the tension at sewing machines as well as the take-off tension of shuttles 

Special Features

Electronic yarn tension meter MST  with motirized take up with tension range up fixture
The electronic tension meter ETX is the basis of this instrument
Motorized take-up fixture to have constant speed of the thread 8 m/min
Storage of AVG, MIN, MAX and PEAK tension values of a user set time frame. These values can be recalled in the display
Adjustable electronic damping for better reading when tension is constantly fluctuating
Vacuum base for positioning the unit on the work plate when tension is measured at the sewing machine
Special fixture to determine shuttle tension
Output signal:
– analog 0 – 2 V DC
– digital RS 232
The tension meter MTS can be connected to a PC using the RS 232 interface to monitore readings constantly on a PC
Memory of max. 4000 displayed tension values split up to 255 series of measurements and statistics (Last, AVG, MIN and MAX of displayed values, MIN-Peak and MAX-Peak are values measured within a measuring frequency of 100 Hz)
Content of the memory
4 different memory modes can be selected by the operator:
– Mode S: only statistical values per series are displayed
– Mode L: statistics plus 10 displayed values of each series of measurement
– Mode C: statistics plus 4000 displayed values arbitrary splited up to 255 series
– Mode F: as C plus higher sampling rate of 100 Hz = values/s

besonderheiten-pc-verbindungModel MST can be connected to a PC with the RS 232 cable. With optiona available software SW-TI3 »Tension Inspect 3« readings can be displayed, statistically analyzed and saved. For more information see “Accessories”






Standard Features

Battery or mains operation (MST-2000 only mains operation)
Zero setting using a button before starting measuring
Microprocessor technology with high steadiness
Changeable units cN and g
Easy to operate
CE approved (tested for electromagnetic compatibility)
Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included
Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Tension meter MST on vacuum base beside a sewing machine


mst thread good and not good

Left: Seam with correct adjusted thread tension
Right: Too much threat results in not sufficient linkage of the threat the the used material


Available Models

Model Measuring Range SCHMIDT Calibration Material*
MST-500 1 up to 500 cN PA: 0.2 mm Ø
MST-1000 1 up to 1000 cN PA: 0.3 mm Ø
MST-2000 1 up to 2000 cN PA: 0.5 mm Ø
* Suitable for 95 % of applications – PA = Polyamide Monofilament