Tension Meter CTM
  • 2 Tension ranges available: 
    up to 10 kN
    up to 45 kN
  • Application:
    Tension of pretensioned non running ropes
  • Field of use:
    ropes up to Ø 25.4 mm (1 inch)
2 Tension ranges available up to 10 kN and 45 kN

For ropes up to Ø 25,4 mm (1 inch)

Electronic wire rope tension meter to determine the tension of pretensioned, non-moving ropes, wires, overhead lines, guy wires, cables, zip lines, guardrail cables etc. up to max. Ø 25.4 mm (1 inch).

Batterie operated had-held tension meter tension meter for quick measurements with a large easy to read LCD display

Special Features

Rigid, portable tension meter CTM for rope diameters from 4.75 up to 25.4 mm (3/16 up to 1 inch), designed for outdoor use
The reading is shown directly in the display; their is no need for comparison tables
Large, easy to read, backlighted LCD display; digit hight 2.54 cm
User selectable units kN, lbf, kgf
Delivery includes calibration for one material. Calibrations for total 20 different materials can be made and saved.
The instrument is supplied with one set of sheaves (rollers). Three sheave sizes are available. For most applications one sheave set for the entire assortment of wire they tension will be sufficient.  The operator must use the appropriate sheave set for the wire size and calibration stored. Changing sheaves sets can be done quickly.
A extended long handle engages meter quickly with minimal effort
The readings can be stored  and later transered using the RS 232 interface to PC

Standard Features

Easy to operate – forcesensor and display are integrated in thze same housing
Battery operation (AA)
CE approved (tested for electromagnetic compatibility)
Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report


Available Models

Model Measuring Range
in kN
Measuring Range
in lbf
Measuring Range
in kgf
CTM-2000 10 kN 2000 lbf 1000 kgf
CTM-10000 45 kN 10000 lbf 4500 kgf

Delivery includes one roller set (as requested). Additional roller sets are optional available.