Belt Tension Meter RTM-400
  • Tension range:
    max. 10 - 800 Hz
  • Application:
    Measuring of belt tension on drive belts
  • Measuring occurs by frequency measurement
Measuring range max. 10 - 800 Hz

Trummeter for measuring belt tension and for control the strand force of V-belts, tooth belts, power belts or similar. The optimal life time of a belt is depending on the correct belt tension. The set point for belt tension is specified as natural frequency in Hz or strand force in N.

Non-contact measuring occurs by infrared light - frequency measurement

Special Features

Measuring principle: Frequency measurement by LED light while the belt is not moving
The readings can be displayed as frequency (Hz) or strand force (N or lbf)
The belt tension meter RTM-400 includes a display unit as well as 2 measuring probes:
– plug in probe for one-hand operation
– measuring probe with cable for limited access space
For determinating the belt force in Newton, 2 parameters are needed. Thereby the following restrictions are obtained:
– free strand length 9.99 m
– belt mass up to 9.999 kg/m
Belt tension meter with measuring range 10 – 800 Hz
Multilingual operator guidance and display (german, english, french, italian, spanish, portugese, swedish, norwegian, danish, finnish)
Manufacturer`s calibration report is included

 Standard Features

Easy and save operation
Trummeter with rugged, handy plastic housing
Microprocessor controlled belt tension meter
Measurement with highest precision

Available Models

Model Measuring Range
RTM-400 max. 10 – 800 Hz