Screen Printing Tension Meter FT
  • Tension range available: 6 - 50 N/cm
  • Application:
    Screen printing: Tension measuring of synthetic and steel meshes according to DIN 16611
1 Tension range available 6 - 50 N/cm

The ideal print quality in screen printing is depending on accurate strained screens. This device is for fast and accurate identifying screens, that require reworks.

Handy screen printing tension meter for synthetic and steel meshes

To measure fast and accuratly the tension on a mesh in the screen printing industry according to DIN 16611

 Special Features

Screen printing tension meter FT used for synthetic and steel meshes
Selection of warpwise or weftwise measuring direction is possible
2 adjustable markers to set limits (MIN, MAX) for accentuation of operating range respectively tolerance range
Protected precision dial gauge
Adjusting and calibration according DIN EN 16611
Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Standard Features

Easy to use
Screen printing tension meter with large, easy to read scale
Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included


Available Model

Model Tension Range
FT 6 – 50 N/cm