Tension Sensor FSH-422
  • 6 tension ranges available:
    from 0 - 1000 cN
    up to 0 - 50 daN
  • Application:
    Wire, cable, rope manufacturing
  • Field of use:
    - Flexible materials as wires, thin ropes, cables, light wave cables, buffer tubes up to max. Ø 10 mm
    - Flat material up to max. 10 mm width
  • Feature:
    Large, hardened guide rollers (groove Ø 29.5 mm) for minimized material deflection
6 Tension ranges available from 0 - 1000 cN up to 0 - 50.00 daN

Stationary electronic tension sensor for flexible material as wires, thin ropes and cables up to 10 mm Ø, as well as linear, flat material up to 10 mm width

Large, hardened guide rollers for minimized material deflection with 29.5 mm groove Ø

Low cost tension sensor for fast and easy mounting

 Special Features

Tension sensor FSH-422 with integrated microprocessor controlled measuring amplifier and RS 422 interface for multi station system
Ball-bearing mounted guide rollers 29.5 mm groove Ø,
– V-grooved (for material with max. 5 mm Ø)
– U-grooved (for material with 3 up to 5 mm Ø)
– tape grooved (for material with max. width of 10 mm)
Easy installation, even afterwards, on existing machines
2 Mounting possibilities: housing mounting or cylindrical hole mounting (mounting cut out: longhole R 19 mm, length 54 mm)
Easy calibration to customized material by operator – zero and gain calibration is required
Measuring principle – loadcell with high quality strain gauge bridge
Tension sensor with mechanical overload protection

Standard Features

Control lamp shows operative mode availability
Tension sensor FSH-422 with aluminium housing
CAT 5 cables are used for data transfer
Required power supply +15…24 V DC (regulated)
Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included
Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Special features of the RS 422 interface:

  • Up to 32 sensors with different tension ranges and designs may be connected in one line (data transfer max. 200 readings/sec.)
  • Connection to RS 232 using a converter (RS 422 – RS 232).
  • The RS 422 signal can be used for a single sensor over a distance of 1000 m.
  • Each sensor can individually be addressed and set up
  • Can be connected to PLC controls with digital input
  • Simple connection to BUS-Systems using gateways

Available Models

Model Tension Range Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material**
FSH-1000-422 0 – 1000 cN 150 mm PA: 0.30 mm Ø
FSH-2000-422 0 – 2000 cN 150 mm PA: 0.50 mm Ø
FSH-5000-422 0 – 5000 cN 200 mm PA: 0.80 mm Ø
FSH-10K-422 0 – 10 daN 200 mm PA: 1.00 mm Ø
FSH-20K-422 0 – 20 daN 250 mm PA: 1.50 mm Ø
FSH-50K-422 0 – 50 daN 250 mm Stahlseil 1.50 mm Ø (7x7x0.20)
Other tension ranges and measuring head widths available on request.
Other measuring units available, such as g or kg.
* Outer dimensions of front plate
** Suitable for 95 % of applications PA = Polyamide Monofilament