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GVS 608- Optical scale -  Givi Misure Viet Nam – STC Viet Nam là đại lý chính hãng


Absolute optical scale for CNC machine tools

·         Absolute optical scale with glass measuring support, particularly suitable for CNC machine tools.

·         Serial interface SSI-BiSS C (unidirectional), with or without 1 Vpp analog signal, Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ and FANUC α-αi.

·         Resolutions up to 10 nm.

·         Accuracy grade ± 5 μm in the standard version and ± 3 μm in the high accuracy version (± 2 μm for measuring lengths up to 720 mm).

·         Profibus-DP, Profinet, CANopen, DeviceNet and ModBus protocols, through conversion gateways.

·         Non-extendible sealing lips, along the sliding side of the reader head, fixed at the lateral ends.

·         Innovative device inside the scale for the disposal of liquids coming from inefficient filtering systems.

·         The special sealing lips and the device for the liquids disposal provide an excellent protection of the grating
from refrigerant liquids often used during machining.

·         Metrological certificate provided with each scale.

·         Linear thermal expansion coefficient λ = 8 x 10-6 °C-1.

·         High accuracy and stability of signals even in case of high speed, strong accelerations and vibrations.

·         Adjustable connecting cable output.

·         Connector inside the transducer.

·         Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.

·         Small size, to allow installation in narrow spaces.

·         Interchangeable with the previous model AGS.

·         Filtering system for pressurization available on request.


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