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Absolute magnetic sensor with serial interface SSI-BiSS or CANopen

·         Linear magnetic sensor, with direct reading of the absolute position.

·         High performance, with a measuring length up to 30,000 mm.

·         Resolutions up to 1 μm and repeatability ± 1 increment.

·         Extremely easy and fast mounting of the entire measuring system, with wide alignment tolerances and sensor/magnetic band gap up to 1 mm.

·         Serial interface SSI-BiSS (with or without 1 Vpp analog signal) or CANopen.

·         SSI or CANopen protocol and programmable resolutions.

·         Profibus-DP, Profinet, DeviceNet, ModBus and DRIVE-CLiQ protocols, through conversion gateways.

·         High-speed serial data transfer.

·         Small-sized, for applications with limited installation space.

·         Magnetic band width 10 mm.

·         Insensitive to dust and liquids (IP 67 protection class).

·         Magnetic sensor body made of die-cast metallic material.

·         High signal stability, even with high speed and accelerations.

·         Cable suitable for continuous movements. Axial or radial cable output.

·         Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports.

·         Warning indication through LED.

The models



Pole pitch 2+2 mm, SSI-BiSS interface

Datasheet Manual 


Pole pitch 2+2 mm, CANopen interface

Datasheet Manual 


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